A decade over shadowed by 3 months………….!

I fell in love…when i barely understood the meaning of those four words. But the essence was so strong that it stretched to ten long years. I never had the doubt that it will culminate into growing old with this same person. Without thousand words,  i knew we were the best friends despite the illogical fights we had.

But all seems to be so enigmatic…every impressions of love that i had has been changed in one revelation. Suddenly, i am nothing but a bunch of flaws to him. From the sentence that i speak to the emotions that i have for him are all fake to him. I had promised to gift this man the first book i ever write, but will i ever write after all these that i’m going through.

I wanted to write about love about the facets it has..be it friendship or soul mates…love always made me smile. I am not a big optimistic when it comes to handling my own life but i never imagined life to give all heartbreak to one single being. I consoled myself saying i have a long-lasting life partner with whom i can share my today, tomorrow n yesterday because he was there in all three of them. But may be he had something else in mind while playing the love game with me.

I know life moves on….but as of now um stranded on the bank of sorrows without any idea as to where will it lead me. The person who couldn’t bear to see my tears once doesn’t cares if I die out of heart break all he cares is his girl of 3 months…..


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