Being in & out of Love…

When God created Eve to be Adam’s companion, He just created one single being without an option for Adam to choose another.  With changing times our options too changed from single to multiple options was a blessing in disguise for the human being. The option to choose the person to share our life with lies only in our hands. We decide to fall in love with someone with reasons known or unknown. Crossing lot of hurdles we take the initiative of creating a relationship that is beyond family, beyond friendship…

With each growing years we learn to respect & cherish the relationships that we are blessed with in our lives, be it the father who does everything without ever letting you know of his numerous dedication towards your future. Or be it your mother, who loves you and scolds you at the same time out of the fear & anxiety that you are unaware of the ways of the world.  The times when we are bound by their concerned observation of your daily activities, we are petrified & compare our state to that of a slave always under the glare of someone superior.  Yet, with growing age we learn to love them for all those things thanking them in our sub-conscious for their guidance.

We fall in love with someone we think of spending our entire life with them, we share about every likes & dislikes of our lives. With time the bond becomes stronger then ever, so much so that we learn to care about them even before our own blood. We adapt to their likes & dislikes….to fit in their lives. But one fine day we call it quits and decide we love someone else….how can we fall in & out of love??? do we wake up one sunny day & decide that we do not love the parents that we have and go in search of new ones??? then why do we simply make our heart to believe that we can fall in & out of love with anyone at our convenience??? Does that mean we do not know what love really is???


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