” Some one was loved before u, dumped before u…raped before u, shattered before u……. That someone survived so will u”

In the bid to get a grip over the hurdles of life we often end up putting our selves in the most miserable state of life. When we are in the midst of any unpleasant incident in our life, we live as if no one had ever had been in our shoes before. Rather its the other way round we tend to forget that there are people who have much more painful things to face in life.

My tryst with the bid to get on with my normal self has been futile even after much optimistic coaxing by my friends. I assume it will take me longer than i assumed to soak in the new situation that life has compelled me to face. But while waiting to take a bus back home yesterday, i saw a girl from my office walking out of office ‘ living on her own, has neither of her parents nor any siblings’ but i have never seen her being grief stricken or lost as i feel at the moment.  Is life all about crying about things that are no more mine??? Or is it learning to live without them stronger & better ???

Still in search of the blissful life I had a forth night before…. Prayers & cheers that’s what is keeping me sane 🙂



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