Lips that pray!!!!

“The hands that help are better than the lips that pray”

I come across numerous such quotes in life everyday….. but i barely take into account the depth it has. But when life has nothing more appealing to me, I have all the time in the world to ponder over every thing that i come across. This is one quote which might appear self- contradictory in itself. Does this mean that I ought to stop praying for people who are more needy than I am and just lend a helping hand?  For the past few days i have experienced this action from people around me. My family for instance is oblivious to the crisis I’ve been going through, but my best friend has done everything possible to make it easier for me to face the situation.

I still don’t know whether she prays for me or not but she has been the most tolerant companion to my intolerable behaviour, I have given her the hardest time ever. In her endeavour to bring back my smile she has forgotten to smile, sacrificed her passion to make me feel better. If this called lending a hand then it is definitely much better than the praying lips could offer…..

The best thing that we can give to someone is our time…….prayer can always tag along but our time can heal someone in need way better and sooner.  Be the helping hand in someone’s life and feel blessed.


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