“Food For Thought”

When your life is perfect it is so easy to set your mind into happy thoughts , to write about things which makes life blessed in all its essence. But when life looses something or someone who has become your habit, every happy thought associates itself in some nostalgia or the  other remotely linked to the person. Being happy about the things we expect out of life is natural and effortless but learning to find your happiness amidst all odds that life has to offer is an art of life that only time can teach us.

All incessant coaxing, all self-motivating thoughts appears vain when your mind plays havoc with the unexpected incidents of life. But “what doesn’t kills you only makes you stronger” this is something I learnt very early in life and that has kept me sane.  So for the time being i abstain from writing too much, because whatever comes out of a disturbed soul are basically lured by the pessimistic outlook of the bad phase we are going through.

The purpose of my blog was to bring a smile on the readers but I find myself always brimming with questions about life, about relationships , about commitment, about friendship , and of course about love! Hence, I write about everything except what the tagline says about the content of my blog.

So bear with me friends and i shall be back with a bang……..time & prayers will see me in a much better space .



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