Being You

Lost in the hustle of growing up in this competitive world, where applications are developed faster than relationships. Its hard to retain the ethics that we grow up with. Be it being a loyal friend, being the ideal daughter, being the devoted girlfriend or just being a good human being. Hence, we blame it on the friends we choose to the books we read, the channels we surf….we blame it on all except ourselves. With age and personal experience i came to realize this, when life is surrounded by all good things we never even stop to ponder upon the reason for all being so good. We wake up pray and thank God but not for the perfect sanity of our mind, not for the undeserving balance of our life. Like all habitual things our supplication too are just a ritual. We hear about things good & bad around us but our life is unfazed by the horror of anything that has not touched us. We continue on our way till something touches us to the core and makes us wonder where did we wrong?

The core ingredient to being yourself all the way….count your blessings each day; life will be much more precious , a little less selfish a little more caring towards things that don’t touch our lives but should be the concern of all social being  .

Do more than living be alive….


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