“Happy Endings”

A flying thought bid me continue my much neglected blog. So here I am ; friend to some & strangers to others but no great author, read this if you have a moment to spare.

As children we walk in a path carved for us by our elders. And there’s no doubt that we hate every step we take till we do all in our power to contradict and rebel. Only to be consoled with a promise of our better tomorrows. The struggle goes on, we take up degrees with the hope of making it big for a better future, we take up jobs to be better off and financially independent . All the roads leading to one eternal aspiration of every human life a Happy Ending.

What we often forget is that in between the Beginning and the Happy Ending there is a time, our ‘today’ which is much more neglected. Every one of us have to fight our daily devils. Be it our never-ending financial crisis or our ever-hurting relationships , death of someone you always wanted to hold on to or failure . Our infirmities are begotten by our own bad habits. Hence, we ought to live our lives with no hidden guilt, no shackles to hinder our smiles. Love with all your heart today, tomorrow is too far away. The only thing that goes on with us every day is the person we carry forward each day a loving soul or a bitter heart??

I am an avid reader but as much as I love Happy Endings I do not connect my life with it.  In real life there are only your beautiful present. Make it worthwhile.

 Do more than living….be alive.


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