Happiness is….

From my state of being that propelled me to resurrect my vivacious passion
of soul seeking. I am writing with conviction to alter someone’s state of being. To be the bean of positivity of that seeking soul who assumes life has come to the point where everything seems bleak.

The most contagious among all the state of being in a human life is happiness. If you are happy everything around you seems to exude that positive beam reminiscent of  good things. Happiness as we call it is a state of being. After simplifying it to such length it seems frivolous at times to think that it is so hard to consider ourselves happy in today’s world.

Nothing can be as disheartening than to feel that everyone around you is in a better state of mind and environment. But my husband told me a simple thing the other day and it made me ponder over the issue, “have you ever seen someone sharing a photo of the terrible things that happen in their lives?“. Well, as I set my mind wandering over the concept numerous aspects came to my rescue to reinforce my line of thought. For instance, has it never occurred to you that people give check-in on Facebook only when they are travelling to a big city or to some international destinations. I cannot be bothered to think what pleasure the people on my friend list will get at knowing that I had the money and opportunity to travel to another part of the world or country. Is it to make other people feel miserable or jealous that it has become so trendy to give check-ins?  If my actions cannot cheer someone’s day why make it gloomy ?

Since we have innumerable friends and foes to make us realize how pathetic our state of being is how can we ever keep our happiness buoyant? If Waking up every morning with the appreciation of being able to see another day doesn’t  shape our happiness, our list of misery will turn into a mountain. We need not compare our lives to the lives of fortunate rather compare our lives to the less fortunate in this world.

Seeing the vivid illustration of other people’s life, we assume our happiness to be identical. Lets not get allured by the state of being of someone who has never walked your paths of life ,who has never fought your battle….rather ascertain your happiness in your being YOU.



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