Happiness is….

Choose your own happiness…..rather being a blind follower.


“Happy Endings”

A flying thought bid me continue my much neglected blog. So here I am ; friend to some & strangers to others but no great author, read this if you have a moment to spare. As children we walk in a path carved for us by our elders. And there’s no doubt that we hate […]

Being You

Lost in the hustle of growing up in this competitive world, where applications are developed faster than relationships. Its hard to retain the ethics that we grow up with. Be it being a loyal friend, being the ideal daughter, being the devoted girlfriend or just being a good human being. Hence, we blame it on […]


It seems so easy to lie at times, that we go with the flow. Lying about things which has no need for it. But what starts as a little experiment ends up becoming our habit. If everything in this world was acceptable then we would have had nothing to differentiate between good or evil or […]

“Food For Thought”

When your life is perfect it is so easy to set your mind into happy thoughts , to write about things which makes life blessed in all its essence. But when life looses something or someone who has become your habit, every happy thought associates itself in some nostalgia or the ¬†other remotely linked to […]

Lips that pray!!!!

“The hands that help are better than the lips that pray” I come across numerous such quotes in life everyday….. but i barely take into account the depth it has. But when life has nothing more appealing to me, I have all the time in the world to ponder over every thing that i come […]